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Before hiring a marketing agency we know you will have tons of questions to determine if it is the right move for your business. We've answered the top questions below to put your mind at ease. If you still have questions, by all means, please contact us or chat live with us.


How much are your services?


Our services range in price - depending on what you need and for how long you will need us. However, we price our services competitively, making sure that you receive quality services and round the clock attention and care from us without spending hundreds, even thousands. Prices start as little as $75 for services. Our only mission is to see your business succeed, and that comes first for ALL clients.


How can I be assured my business will succeed using WhiteHaus Marketing?


Our inbound marketing methodologies are proven to increase awareness and traffic to your brand. This is not to say that success is automatically guaranteed, as there is NO sure guarantees when running any business. We will never overpromise success but we can promise that we will do all we can to build a strong foundation for your company where success is easily attained.


What is your turnaround rate for services?


Our turnaround rate is one of our competitive advantages. Once you hire WhiteHaus to perform any creative or strategic service, we start IMMEDIATELY.  Our projects are built in phases and with the full cooperation of the client, we can get print projects completed in as little as a few days and web design projects completed in as little as a few weeks. We work quickly but never sacrifice quality.

The final turnaround rate of all projects are dependent on content and complexity of the project


Is business advice free?


Our initial consultation is always free. Ask away and we will give you TRUE, content-rich advice. Once we are hired, a strategy will THEN be documented and TACTICS listed for you to use or, if desired, for WhiteHaus to execute on your behalf.

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